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We have the right talent for your next project.

We have the right talent
for your next project.


we deliver results.

As a multimedia agency, we cover all areas from strategic marketing and branding to innovative advertising campaigns and online marketing solutions to ensure that success follows our work.

Our pool of artists includes numerous specialist talents to realize your goals. To ensure that this happens as efficiently as possible, we accompany the project from the first meeting with our in-house team of experienced members from the industry and thus form the quality authority before we present the implementation to you.


Full-service ticketing.

Selling visibly online.

We offer full-service event ticketing for event organizers. We create a website for you with integrated ticketing, take care of orders, payments and ticket sales.

Our service allows you to concentrate on planning the event without having to worry about ticket sales - so that everything runs smoothly.

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Video production
Create a newimage video
Develop a new branding
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Exciting projects and workshops.

Whether you are a web developer, graphic designer, social media manager, content manager, photographer or videographer: we are always on the lookout for new artists. Receive selected assignments from us that we match to your skills.

Apply now as an artist with us and implement exciting projects.


Our projects.

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Take a look at our satisfied customers and projects that we have already successfully implemented. Let's work together on your success.

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