Become an artist now and work flexibly.

Become an artist now and
work flexibly.

Discover the new way of collaboration.



Apply for a job with us.

Would you like to receive additional assignments and work flexibly? No problem. Apply now as an artist at febele by sending us your resume and a portfolio of your previous work.


Come to the casting.

If your application meets our quality standards, we will invite you to a casting to get to know you better. If you impress us in person as well, we will officially include you in our artist pool after a small photo shoot for profile pictures and an interview.


Work flexibly and benefit.

As part of our artist pool, you receive regular new assignments. As an artist at febele, you manage your own schedule and also benefit from our regular workshops and training sessions.


That's how febele works.

Simple. Professional. Efficient.

After the initial consultation with the client, we select the appropriate artist for the project. If you are chosen, we will brief you, and you can start right away. You have the flexibility to choose your working hours within the deadline.

Before work reaches the client, our artist managers provide constructive feedback if necessary. This ensures we deliver first-try quality that speaks for itself.

Join our Artist-Pool.

Jump into our
artist pool.

And discover the new way of collaboration.

Web developer

Develop the best websites with us.

Your skills: WordPress | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | PHP

Several years of experience in website development, particularly with WordPress. Experience with the WordPress theme Avada is highly desirable.

Graphic designer

Develop the next design with us.

Your skills: Adobe CC or Affinity | Print & Online

A comprehensive portfolio showcasing my work, proficient in Adobe CC or Affinity.


Edit and produce the next promotional video with us.

Your skills: Adobe CC/Adobe Premiere Pro or similar video editing programs

A compelling portfolio showcasing your work.


Shoot the next event with us.

Your skills: Adobe CC/Lightroom/Photoshop, proficient with cameras

A comprehensive portfolio showcasing your work. Experience as an event photographer at clubbings is highly valued.

Social Media Manager

Start the next advertising campaign with us.

Your skills: Meta Business Suite, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn Ads Manager, TikTok Ads Manager

A compelling portfolio showcasing my career progression, proficient in managing social media platforms.

Content Manager

Design, optimize and plan your next project with us.

Your skills: Proficient in both spoken and written German and English

A comprehensive portfolio detailing your career progression. Planning, implementing, and overseeing innovative content formats and marketing concepts.

Join our promotion pool.

Jump into our
promotion pool.

And discover the new way of collaboration.

Applying as a model

Start the next campaign with us.

Your skills: Open and friendly personality with flexibility

A compelling portfolio showcasing your career progression so far.

Applying as an influencer

Inspire the target audience of the next campaign.

Your skills: 
Proficient in managing social media channels, fluent in both written and spoken German and English

We are looking for nano and micro influencers. In the nano category starting from 1,000 followers per channel, for micro starting from 10,000 followers.

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